Coach Accreditation Policy

Regular Participants


For Local Coaches, the requirements for getting the full certification are:

  1. Basic Sports Science

  2. SG-Coach Level 1 Integrated Program (Including Lifesaving 1)

  3. First Aid with CPR / AED


Local Coaches who have achieved the SG-Coach Level 1 Theory will need to complete the following online and classroom modules.



  1. Swimming Rules

  2. Hydrodynamics in Swimming

  3. Coaching Methods and Strategies

  4. Risk Assessment and Management in Swimming



  1. Linking Theory and Practice – The Reflective Coach

  2. Risk Assessment and Management in Sport

  3. Hydrodynamics in Swimming

  4. Coaching Methods and Strategies

  5. Coaching Swimming


Local Coaches who have achieved the NCAP Level 1 Theory will need to complete the workshop titled “Values and Principles in Sport” to be eligible to take the online and classroom modules above. Local Coaches in this category need not take Basic Sports Science.


Waiver (to commence DDMYY)


Local Coaches (freelance or foreign coaches employed in Singapore) with certificates from external organizations (both local and overseas) are eligible to apply for a waiver.


Local Coaches who have been coaching for more than 10 years and have showcased consistent results and produced athletes who represented Singapore minimally at SEA Games level will also be eligible to apply for a waiver.


Documents required to apply for waiver are

  1. Waiver Application Form

  2. Certificate(s)

  3. Syllabus (if applicable)


Once the waiver is processed, the certificate will be listed with the requirements (if any) for the participant to attain the relevant SG-Coach Level.


Foreign Coaches


For Foreign Coaches coming to Singapore for a swimming competition or short-term (3 months or less) training camp, foreign coaches will not be required to apply for NROC membership.

Foreign Coaches are required to fulfill the relevant work pass or visa requirements as required by the respective agency.


To get a deck pass for competition, the respective federation must submit a clearance letter for the foreign coach to get temporary accreditation for the duration of the competition or training.

No unaccredited coach will be given access to the competition venue either during practice or during event.