Frequently asked questions


What is the price of the course?

The cost of the integrated program (Theory and Technical) is $856 (inclusive of GST)

The cost of purchasing individual modules range between $22 and $132 (inclusive of GST)

When will the classroom modules be held?

Classroom sessions will mainly be conducted during weekday evenings between 7 - 10pm depending on the module duration. Classes may open on weekends or weekdays should there be enough demand for the classes.

I have registered and made payment for the modules that I need for the course. May I know when is the course starting?

The online modules are open and you will be able to download the lecture notes immediately. The online quizzes will be sent out weekly for you to attempt. Classroom modules will commence from September 2018.

How do I upload my SG-Coach Level 1 Theory?

How do I upload my Lifesaving 1 Certificate?

What is the difference between the integrated program and technical program?

The entire program is called the SG-Coach Level 1 Integrated Program for Swimming. If you have taken SG-Coach Theory with SportSG, you qualify for a waiver of certain modules. The modules required are known as the Technical Component of the program.

Which program should I select if I want to coach swimming?

You will need to get the SG-Coach Level 1 Integrated Program for swimming. If you have attained the SG-Coach Level 1 Theory Certificate from SportSG, you qualify for a waiver from certain modules.

What is the difference between online modules and classroom modules?

Online modules are modules which you can access from the internet and competed when you submit your quiz online. Classroom modules are conducted in class where you are physically present in order to complete the required tasks.

Why is the program divided into online and classroom modules?

The program is designed to provide flexiabilty to complete at your own time. Having online modules also removes the need for participants to travel to sit in a lecture. The assessment online will ensure that participants read and understand the requirements before attending the classroom modules. The classroom modules will be more focussed and targetted towards the teaching of the course. It will also serve as continuous assessment of the participant throughout the course.

I have paid for the online modules, Do I still have to attend the classroom modules?

Yes. The online modules are meant for participants to understand the content. Classroom modules are required for assessment of the participant's ability to teach and demostrate the tasks.

What happened to the technical component of the course?

This course is now an integrated program. The old theory and technical components have been combined into this program. This couse has been designed and split into online and classroom modules. This change is to provide flexibiliy for participants to complete the course.

Where can I take basic sports science?

This course is offered by SportSG and conducted by Republic Polytechnic.

Can I use Skills Future to apply for this course?

At the moment, skills future credits are not eligible to be claimed. We have applied for the course to be listed and will updated once it is eligible. Participants who have signed up prior to skills future listing cannot back date their claims.

When do I need to submit the Lifesaving Certificate for Eligibility Check

SGCoach Theory 1 / NCAP

If I have gotten SG-Coach Theory Level 1, what should I sign up for?

With SG-Coach Theory Level 1, you qualify for a waiver of some modules and will only need to take 4 online modules and 5 classroom modules.

I have already completed my Theory Level 1. There are 2 modules which are repeated. Why do I have to repeat the modules?

These two modules are reqired as they are specifically written in the swimming context. The classroom component will focus on swimming specific issues and will require all participants to be proficient in that aspect. We recommend participants to take the integrated course for this reason.


  1. When can I sign up for the course?

The online modules are now open for registration. Classroom Modules will commence from September 2018.

When does the next course start?

The new SG-Coach Level 1 course is designed to provide flexibility for the participant. The online modules can be taken at the participant’s schedule and classroom sessions will be open at least twice a year for participants to sign up for.

Should there be more demand for classroom modules, more classes can be opened.

How long do I have to complete the course?

Each participant has 1 year to complete all online and classroom modules. The attachment period will be between 3 to 6 months.

Is there a skills test prior to joining the course?

There is no skills test as a pre-requisite to the course. The course will assess your ability to teach and your ability to demonstrate. Therefore, the requirements of the skills test will be assessed during the modules.

What do you have to do to register for NROC?

Complete online modules, classroom modules and an attachment. Following that, you can then apply for NROC.

What is the pre-requisite for the course?

You will need the Lifesaving 1 Award (or above) prior to the commencement of the classroom modiles. We will recognise the highest level award acheived within the period of 3 years.

Online Quiz / Edmodo

When do I get the online quiz?

The online quizzes will be sent out every Friday for people who purchased it during the week.

Upon your attempt, the quizzes will be marked on Monday and your results will be recorded.

If you did not hit the requirement, your quiz will be reset, and you will be able to reattempt the quiz.

There is no limit to how many times you can attempt the quizzes. However, you can only attempt the quiz once a week.

Why can’t I attempt the quiz more than once a week?

There are short answer questions in the quizzes which needs to be marked. The quizzes will be marked each week and your score recorded in your account.

How long do I have to attempt each quiz?

Each quiz has a time limit of 1 hour for the module.

Other Qualifications

If I have foreign certificates, which modules do I sign up for?

You are advised to apply for a waiver for the course via SportSG.

There will be certain charges involved and SportSG / SSA will respond with what modules you will be required to take.

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